EQ2 Everquest 2 Ogre

No other race is as physically imposing as the Ogre. Covered in battle-scarred skin, their fat-layered muscles are thick and well suited for battle. A massive race originally created by Rallos Zek, the Ogre had once ruled an empire that encompassed most of Norrath and they even went so far as to dare challenging the Rathe Council in the Plane of Earth. For their disrespect, the Rathe laid a curse upon all of them, crippling their intelligence which caused their empire to crumble. Ogres eventually became the pawns of other races. When the gods withdrew from their planes, the curse was lifted from the minds of the ogres who then proceeded to rebuild their culture when they were visited by the Avatar of War, who had been ordered by Rallos to organize a new Rallosian Empire designed to wipe out all other races from the face of Norrath. The ogre's high commander, General Urduuk, broke a pact that Rallos had made with Cazic-Thule by taking control of Cazic's temple and the gate to the Plane of Fear. For insulting the gods a second time, the Avatar of Fear unleashed the Green Mist, which nearly annihilated the entire ogre race just before they were about to overtake both Qeynos and Freeport.

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