EQ2 Everquest 2 Spells

In a medieval type setting, where magic is a prevalent aspect of the world, it is important that the spell casters of the game have a system as fleshed out as the melee combat system. Thankfully, this is yet another of the aspects that has been thoroughly thought out to add to the balance of the entire game.

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There are 6 skills that impact how a caster functions. The first 2 listed are given to characters of all types:
Focus - Offsets the chance of interruption
Spell Avoidance - Determines how well you avoid a magic attack.

The last 4 represent the different schools of magic. Every spell draws upon one of the 4 skills according to its classification.

Ministration - Affects heal and curespells
Ordination - Affects buffs and debuffs
Disruption - Affects magical damage spells
Subjugation - Affects pets and other control-type spells

All 4 of the major archetypes (Fighter, Scout, Mage, & Priest) have spell casting abilities depending on the chosen subclass that the player later decides on. An example of some of the spells available to classes are:

Mage - Lightning Burst
Spell that calls down a burst of lightning bolts causing Health damage to the target.
Use: Damage

Priest - Ethereal Salve
Spell that instantly replenishes Health to a party member.
Use: Healing

Fighter (Subclass: Crusader) - Bastion of Allegiance
Spell that grants protection versus Physical attacks to a party member.
Use: Buff

Scout (Subclass: Bard) - Ballad of Bravery
Lyric that grants an offensive trigger to all party members. This trigger occasionally causes additional damage on a successful attack.
Use: Combat Buff

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