EQ2 Everquest 2 Macros

Macros are generally used in MMOGs as a quick and easy way to advance a character with the least amount of effort. Generally run through an outside program, one may set their character towards a task, have the outside program run and walk away from the computer, to later come back and find that their character has advanced considerably in whatever skill they were trying to advance.

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That is a very basic use of macros. Many take it to a more advanced level and actually program the macros to target an enemy, attack in a certain order, and move on from there, all without the player ever being at their computer. In many games, this has ruined the fun of the game for those who are trying to legitimately advance their character because not only are they now competing against an unfair advantage, but in many cases, they will be trying to hunt for a certain creature, or be in a certain where that they are wanting to hunt, and there is nothing to hunt because someone running a macro has wiped out the entire area.

In the past, Sony Online Entertainment has been one of the best in cracking down on those using macros to play their game for them. With hundreds of account banned every month within their existing games, and years of support to back them up, they are prepared to crack down on those who's goal is to start utilizing macros in their gameplaying habits.

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