EQ2 Everquest 2 Gold

EQ2 Gold is what you will likely use as your choice of currency in the world of Norrath. While the base denomination is bronze, and there is also silver, most trade and exchanges are done in gold. Even with platinum around, it is eq2 gold that dominates trade.

The fastest way to attain gold in Everquest 2 is to buy it from Lewt. Pick your server below to buy EQ2 gold and get it delivered to you right away:

Usually the best way to actually get gold is to farm it - either keep doing profitable tradeskills or repeatedly kill monsters that give good gold for the amount of time required to kill them. There are lots of farming guides and EQ2 money guides at Skryer. It is a boring or repetitive process, but the age old saying of "There's no such thing as easy money" holds true even in Everquest 2. Just remember that without gold, you cannot buy to your heart's desire!