EQ2 Everquest 2 Exploits

Exploits are bugs that players discover within a game and instead of reporting these bugs, they use them to their advantage and are able to do things that were not intended by the developers. Exploits within an MMOG have in the past caused serious issues including the most common issue of all: the vast inflation of the gaming world's market. Many have used exploits in the past to level faster, gain currency at a rapid rate, and have access to areas of a game that were not intended to be available.

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The days of getting away with manipulating a game through exploits are over where MMOGs are concerned. It is fairly obvious when someone goes from having very little currency to having quite a bit and with the knowledge and experience that a lot of the companies have at their disposal, the pattern to track down someone using exploits has become quite easy.

Within most games, there is a feature where you can report a bug. It has become nearly an industry standard for the command " /bug " to populate a window for a player to report the bug and/or exploit that they have discovered. Many know of this, but many more know and do not use but instead continue to use the bug to their advantage until the time that it is noticed.

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