EQ2 Everquest 2 Crafting

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Crafting within EverQuest II is designed to be challenging with success being dependant on the player as opposed to a random chance of luck. The crafting system is based off of the combat model which means that when you are making an item, you are essentially entering an encounter with the crafting device that you are using at the time. Artisans will be confronted with challenges that they must overcome much like an adventurer would when entering in battle. The entire goal is to make crafting be as fun and engaging as every other part of the game.

Crafters within EverQuest II are called: Artisans. Though artisans have their own class tree, any player may be both an adventurer and an artisan, however, it will take just as long to level playing either, so the time spent playing one will take away from the time advancing in the other.

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