EQ2 Everquest 2 Cheats

Cheats being used within any game is pretty bad, but to use cheats within an MMOG is serious. Cheats are codes or phrases created by the game developers to test the game in a more timely manner. From having an enemy creature pop into place, to being able to run more quickly from point A to point B, cheats are an instrumental tool used within the development process of any game. The problem comes in when players learn of these cheats and start using them.

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Consider for a moment that you had a code that when typing it in correctly, would give you every weapon that you could carry in your inventory. Let's say you decide to sell these weapons and now have quite a bit of currency which you use to purchase other items or just store in your account. The economy of an MMOG is created and sustained much like the real world economy, and inflation DOES exist. This cheat that you have now used could very well offset the balance of this economy making it more difficult for every other player on the server. If you are the one on he receiving end of this inflation, you would not be incredibly thrilled about the person that used the cheat.

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