EQ2 Everquest 2 Character Creation

Upon loading EverQuest II, the first thing that you will need to do is create your character, much like any other Massively Multiplayer Online Game(MMOG), but with EverQuest II it is quite different. Most MMOGs have you first choose the race, gender, and class you wish to play, from there you are taken to a screen where you get to modify the base statistics of your character, much like a tabletop roleplaying game. Often times, the consumer will be forced to make many decisions upon creating their character but the fact of the matter is they won't really have a feel for what their character is all about until later in the game. By learning from the other games in the industry, the team creating EverQuest II have made the character creation process fun and easy and are allowing the consumer to choose what type of character they would like to play after they have a feel for what the game is about.

Within the EverQuest II character creation, a gamer will first choose between the basic factors of gender, race, and alignment (Good or Evil) and from there go directly into choosing the look of their character. Nearly every part of the character's face is customizable including the eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones, chin, ears, and more. Different races have special customizations as well to give the player the knowledge right at the beginning that their character is unique. No other character will be the exact same as another.

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