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The world of Norrath has been completely changed where continents are flooded and history is forever lost. The gods have gone silent and the once colonized moon, Luclin, has shattered into bits. Very little remains of the once prominent cities throughout the world of Norrath and very few have survived the shattering. The refuges left after this cataclysm are left wandering the lands in an effort for survival.

In a parallel universe set 500 years in the future to the hugely successful game phenomenon EverQuest(aka EQ Live), is the newest Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game being released by Sony Online Entertainment(SOE): EverQuest II. Though is shares the namesake, EverQuest II is a game to be set in a class of its own. From the combat system to the graphics, this game is built to not only be competitive with the biggest names of today, but is scalable for the technology and improvements of tomorrow.

EverQuest II features 16 playable races. With most of the original races from EverQuest playable, Sony Online Entertainment is introducing 2 new races; the Kerra and Ratonga. The cat people of EverQuest Live, the Vah Shir, were originally a clan of Kerra who had survived a plague and had been blasted to the dark side of the moon, Luclin during a war with the Erudites. With the shattering of Luclin, the clan of the Vah Shir were decimated to leave only the remnants of history for their ancestral race, the Kerra. This race, now more advanced than 500 years previous are part of the refuges that populate both Freeport and Qeynos. The Ratonga are a race of rat-men who's history is shrouded in mystery. They originally had led the Freeport Militia to the desert of Ro through subterranean tunnels allowing for food and supplies to enter the city during times of siege in the Age of War. Shortly after, they disappeared for ages to reappear only after massive earthquakes began to tear apart the continent of Antonica into tiny bits.

With the ability to learn from other games on the market, EverQuest II is introducing a revolutionary system of combat through way of the combat wheel. Gone are the days of hitting an attack key and walking away to successfully defeat an enemy. In EverQuest II, coordination and timing is a key element to the success of defeating a foe. If a sequence of moves is played out in the correct order between the different members of a group, a special combat move will happen that will turn the tables on a foe more in the group's favor.
Crafting has changed as well. The team at Sony Online Entertainment developing EverQuest II wanted to make tradeskills be just as involving and fun as adventuring. To facilitate this desire, they decided to base the crafting system off of the same engine being used for combat. Each time a player wants to do any crafting, they essentially will enter into an encounter with the crafting device (i.e. forge, oven, etc.).

Where the original EverQuest is focused more on grand scale combat with hundreds of players, EverQuest II is built for the smaller groups where every player in a group is an important member that has a crucial role in the survival of the group. If the group is confronted with an encounter, and one player isn't doing his or her job, it could cause the entire encounter to crumble. The main focus in the build of EverQuest II is the want to make the game not only challenging but fun for all to play, from the hardcore gamer, to the casual player.

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